Graduate school of pain (Euridol)


Euridol is a unique graduate school dedicated to research in neuroscience on pain.

The objective is to develop training of excellence in and through research, based on a Master-Doctorate continuum and focused on pain and its treatment, in synergy with the laboratories of the University of Strasbourg, which are part of the Strasbourg Pain Initiative research consortium.

To address the complexity of pain, training is based on crossdisciplinary interactions and brings together specialists in basic and clinical neurosciences, human and social sciences, pharmacochemistry, as well as health professionals, patient associations and industrial partners. Euridol’s ambition is to train the next generation of international leaders in pain research.

Admission criteria

International recruitment with initial academic background of:

  • BSc in biology or psychology (other backgrounds such as chemistry can be considered).
  • Medical or pharmacy training (paramedical training can be considered)

Criteria for selection

High quality of the academic record, strong motivation for pain research, interest in interdisciplinarity, English level.


Parallel applications through the Euridol board of directors ( and the online platform e-candidat (master mention sciences du vivant, parcours neurosciences cellulaires et intégrées, neurosciences cognitives and joint master in neuroscience).

Education & training program

Semesters 1, 2, 3

Joint master in neuroscience

Modules fundamental neurosciences

Euridol modules an Internships Neuroschience and pain research

Specific modules fundamental and clinical neuroscience, psychology, pharmacochemistry

Semester 4

Doctoral school

Teams Strasbourg pain initiative

Euridol PhD modules

Key figures

Important information

Euridol is:

  • supported by 10 laboratories, including 16 teams specialized in the different aspects of pain
  • associated to 14 industrial partners, 4 patients associations
  • in partnership with 4 clinical units of the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg
  • recruiting each year a maximum of 15 MSc 1st year students and about 10 new PhD students


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Director of Euridol

Pierrick Poisbeau

Scientific director

Michel Barrot

Pedagogic director

Pierre Veinante


Christine Berlemont