Complex systems chemistry (CSC graduate school)

A new 21st century approach to chemistry that will lead to profound technological changes.


We are taking a new approach to educating a new generation of chemistry leaders – those that will prepare the future of industry and the environment.

This 5- year integrated Master-PhD program is centered around a central theme : Complex Systems Chemistry (CSC).

A program for international students: English as the only teaching language

The CSC Graduate School considers research and learning as a whole, together with the Labex CSC researchers. Students are constantly exposed to current research activities, ranging from small projects all the way to extended internships, preparing them for a PhD thesis.

Research axes

  • Molecular units or networks incorporating information capable of expressing a specific property and performing a well-defined task by virtue of their architectures
  • Adaptive and evolvable chemical systems, capable of responding to external stimuli
  • Strongly multidisciplinary approaches ranging from biomedical to material sciences

Educational program

A multi- and transdisciplinary program that offers a broad education in:

Molecular and physical chemistry (synthesis, spectroscopies, materials science, theory) including industrial aspects

Selected courses from existing Masters programs: « Chimie Moléculaire, verte, supramoléculaire, chimie physique analytique et Matériaux »

Students are learning by doing

14 months of experimental work in 2-3 research laboratories, including practical training with their state-of-the-art equipment Industrial program built in collaboration with leading companies:

  • Significant exposure to issues relevant to industrial R/D and the innovation value chain, including business immersion days with industrial partners
  • Visits to corporate research centers

Master (year 1) internships: 4 months in academic laboratories or international companies

Master (year 2) internships: 4 months in academic laboratories or international companies, 6 months in academic CSC laboratories

An annual summer school

The CSC Graduate School focuses on student’s soft skills

  • Professional and personal development through an innovative and customized 5-year leadership training program
  • Personal mentoring from LabEx CSC researchers
  • Exploring written and oral communication

A combined thesis and CSC Graduate school diploma

Specific training and scientific workshops

Leadership training program in continuity with the MSc period

A CSC Graduate School diploma recognised in academia and industry

Admission criteria

  • You have a Bachelor in the field of chemistry or related subjects
  • You are among the top 10% of the students in your university
  • You have a solid background in English
  • You have a strong interest to acquire professional knowledge in the field of complex systems chemistry

… Then join us!

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What do we offer?

  • MSc scholarships: roughly 600 EUR per month covering most living costs
  • PhD fellowships for successful MSc students with net salary roughly 1400 EUR per month
  • Financial assistance for travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 1000 EUR, subject to the provision of receipts
  • Specific assistance to international students for housing, visa application, enrolment and health insurance
  • Exemption from registration fees at the University of Strasbourg (MSc students only)

Key figures

Important information

Complex Systems Chemistry

In 2010, a cluster of 19 research groups in Strasbourg, now known as the LabEx CSC, were awarded an excellence grant on this topic

  • 2 active Nobel Laureates, including Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016)
  • 4 members of the Academy of Sciences
  • 7 IUF members
  • 11 CNRS medal award winners
  • 3 ERC Advanced grantees and 7 ERC Starting Chemistry at the University of Strasbourg

Chemistry at the University of Strasbourg

  • Top 20 in the world for Chemistry in 2015 ARWU (only French university in the top 100)
  • Top 1 in Europe for how its research generates applications and commercial impact (Nature Lens score 2017)
  • Top 16 in the world for how its research generates applications and commercial impact (Nature Lens score 2017)
  • Top 5 in Chemistry in Europe


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Joseph Moran

Manager CSC Graduate School and Corporate Partnerships

Stéphanie Wittersheim